Mortgage Application

Mortgage Application Checklist

There are several documents you will need during the loan approval process. After speaking with your Mortgage Consultant, you will need to provide the following information:

W-2 forms for all employers covering the last two (2) years.
Current pay stubs verifying 30 days of income and year-to-date income, including any overtime, commission or bonus income.
Employment history for the last two consecutive years.
Residence address(es) for the past two (2) years.
Complete bank statements for all accounts for the last two (2) months or any other asset verifications.
Signed Purchase Agreement (if applicable).
If you are self-employed, provide a copy of your profit and loss financial statement through the most recent quarter/month and a copy of your balance sheet for the last two (2) years.
If you are self-employed, provide a copy of your corporate or partnership tax returns for the last two (2) years.
If you receive Social Security income, you will need your award letter and 1099 form.
Copy of Divorce Decree (if applicable).
Most recent copy of your Disability Award Letter (if applicable).